Larsen Forensics & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that Arthur H. Borchers is officially joining Larsen Forensics & Associates, Inc., which will now operate as LARSEN FORENSICS & ASSOCIATES, INC.
May, 2013

Handguns: Range of Fire and Gunpowder Stippling
Written by John Louis Larsen & Arthur H. Borchers
January, 2013 – Evidence Technology Magazine
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Crime Scene Forensic Evidence Collection Guidelines For Defense Attorneys
By John Louis Larsen & Daniel K. Harris
October, 2011 – The Champion

College of DuPage’s Suburban Law Enforcement Academy.
“Special Segment: Crime Scene 101,” ABC’s Cheryl Burton
May 11th, 2010
ABC New’s recently did a special feature on the Academy titled Crime Scene 101.

“Prints from Skin,” written by John Louis Larsen
May-June 2008 (Volume 6, Number 3)
Evidence Technology Magazine

“What is This? A French Fry?,” written by John Louis Larsen
November-December 2009
(Volume 7, Number 6)
Evidence Technology Magazine