Forensic Investigation Services in Mazon, IL

Larsen Forensics offers state of the art incident/crime scene processing and interpretation for individuals, businesses, attorneys and law enforcement in Mazon.

Forensics services including:


Accident Investigation & Reconstruction in Mazon

Ballistics Analysis Investigation in Mazon

Bloodstain Evidence Analysis & Investigation in Mazon

Bloodstain Forensics & Collection in Mazon


Fingerprint Examination Services

Forensic Odontology Evaluation Services

Latent Print Examination

Shooting Incident Scene Analysis


Mazon Evidence Collection & Examination

Mazon Forensic Chemical Analysis

Mazon DNA Testing Services

Mazon Document Examination Services


Crime Scene Analysis Services

Forensic Medical Case Evaluation

Forensic Medical & Legal Case Review

Medical Record, Damages, Treatment Case Evaluation


Crime Scene Reconstruction in Mazon, IL

Death Investigation in Mazon, IL

Wrongful Death Investigation in Mazon, IL

Forensic Evidence Collection in Mazon, IL

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