Extended Services

Training Courses

Our hands-on training programs are designed around the individual
needs of our clients.  Course topics include:  

  • Crime/Incident Scene Processing:
  • Sketching
  • Photography
  • Documentation and administration
  • Evaluation (IE safety concerns, evaluation of potential
  • Collection and preservation of physical evidence
  • Litigation and Criminal Process:
  • Pretrial preparation, building of court exhibits, trial
  • Special Techniques:
  • Basic and advance latent fingerprint recovery class utilizing
    black light, alternate light source (ALS), reflective ultra-
    violet imaging system (RUVIS) and chemical treatments
  • Latent recovery on cadavers
  • Footwear & tire impression documentation and casting
  • Hair & fiber collection
  • DNA collection and packaging
  • Trajectory studies using string, dolling & lasers
  • Bloodstain evidence and documentation
  • Crime/incident scene reconstruction